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What is Harklinikken?

Harklinikken is an individualized, plant-based, topical hair loss treatment which patients may apply directly to their scalp every evening to help improve hair quality and caliber. The extract, in combination with specialized shampoos, is custom created to target each patient’s individual needs.

Male Hair Loss

The typical progression of male pattern baldness begins at the hairline. The hairline gradually recedes and forms an “M” shape. Eventually, the hair becomes finer, shorter, and thinner. This pattern then creates a “U” shape of hair around the sides of the head.

Female Hair Loss

The pattern for female baldness is different from that of the male pattern of baldness. In women, the hair begins to thin on the top and crown of the scalp. It will usually start with a widening through the center part. In this pattern, unlike male pattern baldness, the front hairline remains. The hair also rarely progresses to total or near total baldness in women.

Distress Caused By Hair Loss

Loss of self esteem
Feeling physically unattractive
Body image dissatisfaction
Changes in social interactions

How can Harklinikken help me?

Hair texture, thickness, and patterned baldness is extremely individual, from its causes to its appearance. Treatment, therefore, must be individual as well. Harklinikken is composed of different plant extracts, lactic acid bacteria, and fatty acids, all customized to help each patient reach his or her highest hair growth potential. The effectiveness of this at-home treatment is dependent upon the severity of the scalp condition and the patients’ own vigilance. The staff at our clinic will discuss the individuality of your treatment and the results you can expect with this method of hair restoration.

Benefits of Harklinikken
Plant-based, topical treatment
Applied from the convenience of home
Custom created to target each patient’s individual needs
Can treat other scalp conditions in addition to hair loss

How do I learn more about Harklinikken?

Our team looks forward to meeting you during a private consultation to discuss our  Harklinikken product line. You may schedule an appointment online or call Laura in our Tampa office at (813) 879-6040. 

What can you expect
during your experience with our hair restoration clinic?

At the our clinic, we begin with an individual consultation educating patients about hair loss. Dr. Brett Hirsch and Laura Ciurlizza, will assist you throughout your hair transformation journey from beginning to end. Our staff cares deeply about the quality and satisfaction of every patient and has the expertise to ensure that both are surpassed beyond expectations.

Each Medical Technician working for our clinic has a minimum of 12 years’ experience in this field. We understand the questions and concerns that a hair transplant patient may have and will assist them with the utmost patient care, ensuring they understand the procedure, develop individual goals and expectations, and feel comfortable throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation, throughout recovery, and to the final result.


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